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Natural Tiger Eyes Hand Knotted Mala, Rosary 108 Beads, Japa Mala, Meditation Mala, Mala Necklace, Free Silk Pouch

Natural Tiger Eyes Hand Knotted Mala, Rosary 108 Beads, Japa Mala, Meditation Mala, Mala Necklace, Free Silk Pouch

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❤ Great Mala For Meditation and Yoga
❤ Hand Knotted - Genuine Tiger Eyes 108 beads.
❤ Beads are approximately 8mm
❤ Total Length: 42 Inches One end to another end. ( Length without tassel)
❤ Hand strung with multi-strand nylon cord 
❤ Free Silk Pouch (Color May Vary)

Tiger's eye is a popular semi-precious stone known for its distinctive bands of yellow and brown. It is valued for its purported metaphysical properties and benefits. Here are some of the key benefits associated with tiger's eye:

1. Protection: A Tiger's eye is often considered a protective stone, believed to ward off negative energies and provide a sense of security.

2. **Courage and Confidence**: This stone is thought to boost courage, self-confidence, and willpower. It is said to help individuals overcome fear and take decisive action.

3. Grounding and Stability: Tiger's eye is believed to offer grounding energy, helping to stabilize emotions and enhance mental clarity. It is often used to maintain balance and focus during stressful times.

4. Prosperity and Abundance: Many consider tiger's eye a stone of prosperity, thought to attract wealth and financial success. It is often used in practices aimed at manifesting abundance.

5. Enhancing Creativity: This stone is believed to stimulate creativity and artistic expression, helping individuals to think outside the box and solve problems innovatively.

6. Emotional Balance: Tiger's eye is thought to help balance emotional extremes, providing a calming influence and promoting a sense of harmony.

7. Physical Healing: Some believe that tiger's eye can support physical healing, particularly for issues related to the eyes, throat, and reproductive organs. It is also thought to aid in detoxification and improving overall energy levels.

These benefits are rooted in traditional beliefs and practices in crystal healing rather than scientific evidence. People often use tiger's eye in jewelry, meditation, or place it in their living or working spaces to harness its perceived benefits.

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