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Rose Quartz Hand Knotted Mala, Rosary 108 Beads, Japa Mala, Meditation Mala, Mala Necklace, Free Silk Pouch

Rose Quartz Hand Knotted Mala, Rosary 108 Beads, Japa Mala, Meditation Mala, Mala Necklace, Free Silk Pouch

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❤ Great Mala For Meditation and Yoga
❤ Hand Knotted - Genuine Rose Quartz 108 beads.
❤ Beads are approximately 8mm
❤ Total Length: 42 Inches One end to another end. ( Length without tassel)
❤ Hand strung with multi-strand nylon cord here in the US with love and prayers.
❤ Free Silk Pouch (Color May Vary)
❤ Fast Shipping - Most orders are shipped on the same day from Minnesota USA.
❤ Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. Associated with the heart chakra, known to bring deep inner healing and self love.

Rose quartz is often celebrated for its metaphysical properties and is said to offer several benefits, particularly in emotional and spiritual well-being. Here are some key benefits attributed to rose quartz:

1. Emotional Healing: Rose quartz is renowned for its ability to help heal emotional wounds and traumas. It is thought to provide comfort and calm during times of grief or emotional stress.

2. Love and Relationships: Often called the "stone of unconditional love," rose quartz is believed to enhance love in all forms—romantic, familial, and platonic. It is said to help attract new love, strengthen existing relationships, and foster harmonious interactions.

3. Self-Love: This stone is associated with promoting self-love and self-acceptance. It encourages a gentle and nurturing approach to oneself, which can help boost self-esteem and self-worth.

4. Calming and Relaxation: The gentle energy of rose quartz is thought to have a calming effect on the mind and body. It may help reduce anxiety, stress, and tension, promoting a sense of peace and relaxation.

5. Heart Chakra: Rose quartz is strongly connected to the heart chakra. It is believed to help balance and open this chakra, leading to greater compassion, empathy, and emotional balance.

6. Enhanced Compassion and Empathy: By opening the heart, rose quartz is said to enhance compassion and empathy, allowing for deeper emotional connections with others.

These benefits are based on traditional beliefs and practices in crystal healing and are not scientifically proven. Those interested in using rose quartz often incorporate it into their daily routines through meditation, wearing it as jewelry, or placing it in their living spaces.

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