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Tibetan Singing Bowl Complete Set Om Mani Padme Hum ~ For Meditation, Chakra Healing, Prayer, Yoga Red

Tibetan Singing Bowl Complete Set Om Mani Padme Hum ~ For Meditation, Chakra Healing, Prayer, Yoga Red

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In addition to their traditional usage for meditation, Tibetan singing bowls are used for deep relaxation, stress reduction, holistic healing, Reiki, chakra balancing, and World music. Many people find that the rich blend of harmonic overtones which the bells produce have a direct effect upon their chakras. We strive to provide precise information on the singing bowls we sell. You will find accurate pictures and descriptions. These specially tuned Tibetan singing bowls produce sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation which naturally assists one in entering into meditation.

Our collection of High-quality singing bowls creates a beautiful peaceful calming & relaxing sound when tapped or played around the rim. Perfect for when you want time to yourself to relax & meditate.

  •  Wonderful tone EASY to Play & Long Lasting Healing and Relaxing Sound
  • Bowl Measures approximately 4" Diameter, 2.25" Depth and weighs 350 Grams
  • Each singing bowl set is hand selected & inspected to ensure the best sound and quality before shipping.
  • Price Includes Singing Bowl, 1 Wooden Rosewood Mallet and Cushion (Color of the Cushion May Differ)
  • 100% Risk-Free 30 Day money back guarantee. Business run by a Small Family that aims to keep you perfectly happy with the Purchase. We guarantee & stand behind all of our products - if there are any concerns or questions, please contact us as we will make it right.

How to Play Bowls

1. Hold the bowl in the palm of either hand.
2. With the striker, rub the outside rim in a circular motion. Keep an even pressure.
3. Gently increase the speed as the bowl begins to vibrate, and as the sound grows. It may help to tap the bowl to begin the vibration. Sometimes this method can take practice.

Another method is "gonging" or "striking" the bowls. This is a simple method that involves striking the bowl with a wood or padded striker.
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